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Links to Ukiyo-e sites on the web

Hans Olof Johansson's Guide to Ukiyo-e on the Internet >
The best link site by far, all you need to know about Ukiyo-e on the net.

John Fiorillo's -Viewing Japanese Prints >
llustrated essays on the Artists,Designs and Techniques of Japanese Printmaking.

Kunisada and Kabuki >
Fitzwilliam Museum Kunisada and Kabuki Web Site

Printmaker David Bull's Encyclopedia of Woodblock Printing >
Written by an expert woodblock artist living in Japan, all you need to know

Los Angeles County Museum of Art >
A comprehensive collection of Japanese Woodblock prints from different periods.

Victoria and Albert Museum >
Explores the art of ukiyo-e Japanese Print including the works of Utamaro, Hokusai, Hiroshige and Kuniyoshi.

Woodblock Prints of Hiroshige >
An excellent collection of the work of Ando Hiroshige

The Mystery of Sharaku >
Appearing on the Japanese art scene in Spring of 1794, he disappeared just as suddenly in early 1795 after creating nearly 150 prints of Kabuki actors. A unique study of the unknown genius known as Sharaku

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